Thursday, August 18, 2011

Short but sweet

Last night I began reading a book that I picked up at a great used bookstore in NoHo called The Iliad Bookshop. As I started reading, I picked up a snack as I often do when reading and began to eat it, a delicious bar of sweet creamy milk chocolate that melted instantly upon hitting the palate. It wasn't until I reached page six of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and read the word CHOCOLATE that I realized what I was eating and reading. I smiled to myself and kept on.

A short while later, I had to close the book just after Willy Wonka's golden tickets were introduced. I put the Iliad bookshop bookmark at my place and stared at it as I saw it looked a little like... a golden ticket.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Three Bad Cats

A collection of photos in which the cats are doing amusing things.
Wondering how to get down now that they insisted on going up

Bella vying for top spot

Sophie getting ideas


She sits like this all the time

Bella hopping on into the Christmas tree

Cats found plant inside to eat...
Bella chasing a fly.. into the lamp

Bella IN the Christmas tree

Back when we had the papasan chair, we came home to find this ....