Saturday, September 24, 2016


Client: He is totally fine with his belly being touched. He just needs to be distracted by food or someone petting his head or a stuffed clown.


Technician asks of a rather overweight male cat: Is he neutered?
Client: Yeah, but I think they grew back a little bit.


Technician: Is she on any medications?
Client: Just the medication of love!


Client: We finally figured out what breed she is.
Me: Oh?
Client: Yeah, she's a (insert rare dog breed here).
Me: Oh, but you got her at the shelter, huh?
Client: Yeah. They didn't know either.


A good samaritan brought in a stray but clearly well loved dog she had found. We scanned the dog and it had a chip, and we called the owners and they were overjoyed we had him. They came from the next city over to pick him up. My technician brought him out to the lobby for the tearful reunion. Then, the man took the leash off, gave it back to my nurse, and started walking out the door with the dog off leash. I said, "Hey, that is a busy road, you probably ought to leash him."

Mr. Doesn't have a clear grasp on the situation at hand: "Oh no, don't worry he's super trained."

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