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The Value of the Physical Exam

The other day I went to the salon to have my hair cut. My stylist, who I love, got a new puppy and was realizing just how expensive it is to go through all of the puppy exams, dewormings and vaccines. She hasn't even gotten to the neuter surgery yet. She said, "Ugh! It's so dang expensive! It's an exam fee every time! Sometimes I think they just say things need to be done to charge more."

I've known her for a little while now, so I said in response, "Hey! That is not true! You take that back!"

She said, "Alright alright, I'm sorry, well not you! Its just so much money."

Now, my exam fee at my practice is $58 for a nose to tail exam. (It's about $65 for an exotic, $85 for an emergency). The cost for my haircut:  $70. The cost for a cut, balayage color treatment and style: $300. Plus tip.

My $58 exams include the following: consultation that includes answering every question the owners have and some questions they didn't even kn…

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