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Sometimes, fleetingly, in the space between moments, I miss O____. Life was so simple then. Go to school, learn, go home, study. Repeat. If my brain needed space there was plenty around, I just would drive on some old country road outside of the city until I felt calm. The stars were visible. The air was fresh, crisp like dew on grass. I would find the horses, and breathe. Just breathe.

Nowadays I hold my breath. I hold it when I'm doing surgery, or when I'm riding my horse, or sometimes when I'm wondering what the future may hold. I hold it when I'm about to give an owner bad news.

I couldn't even imagine having to give a person bad news about a human member of their family. Especially if it was a child. Especially if that child died a senseless, unnecessary death.

Columbine was spoken about and analyzed for years. Now these terrible things are so routine they fade from our consciousness within weeks. After the last terrible thing happened (I cannot even bear to c…

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