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I just finished reading Wonder by RJ Palacio. Wow. It took me right back to middle school. Which isn't really a good thing considering I blocked the majority of middle school memories from my mind. Middle school was really hard in the way of social relationships. I lost and gained some friends in middle school. It's where I received my first B in a class, and probably my first C. Although, that actually might have been high school physics. :/  I don't really remember many other things, just little snippets like the uncomfortable attention I received when I wore my first fitted jeans and shirt to school (did they think I looked good or were they laughing at me?) , or the glass eye of the computer science teacher, or dissecting clams in ninth grade (you can't see anything, its all just - clam).

Anyway, my middle school was probably just like many other middle schools in the country, at least in the way kids interacted and the feelings we all were having. Wonder is about …

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