Grapefruit Juice & Other Things We Are Going to Die From

I was going through some piles of things from vet school and came across this list. It was compiled by my friends and I during basically years one and two. After that I became too apathetic to notice. Let me explain. Our professors were a pretty morbid bunch, although friendly about it, don't get me wrong. When we were discussing certain diseases or syndromes that were particularly nasty, they would often comment that it may be the death of us later in life. It became a hilarious list, and sometimes we added several deaths per day. Most of them can and do kill people, and I am NOT trying to make light of any of these often serious diseases. (I recognize they may only be funny to me, however decided to share it anyway. It's my blog and I can do what I want!)

Things We Are Going to Die From

1. Rabies
2. BSE
3. "Not healthy"
4. Heart disease
5. Cancer
6. Small pox
7. Flu pandemic
8. Homicide (if you're a zoo vet)
9. Contagious Pustular Dermatitis Virus
10. Anthrax
11. Monkeypox
12. Avian Influenza
13. Hypoglycemia
14. Acetaminophen overdose
15. Grapefruit juice
16. Suppurative Brain abscess
17. Moldy bread
18. Nasty Exam Cycle
19. Radiation excess
20. Lung disease
21. Tuberculosis
22. Mexico
23. Leptospirosis
24. Psittacosis
25. Vet school cookouts
26. E. coli O157
27. Dumb people
28. Etorphine
29. Listeria
30. Drinking salt water while on a raft on the middle of the ocean
31. Swine flu
32. Echinococcus
33. Trichinella
34. Screwworm
35. Stress (why isn't this higher?)
36. Sudden death from A-fib
37. Consumption of raw milk
38. Tilmicosin


  1. This is GREAT. I could come up with similar lists from grad school.
    Though the best thing was from undergrad Microbiology:
    Don't have sex with chickens.
    Seriously. I was reminded of it recently when we had a department presentation where I learned "Don't lick farm animals."


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