I just recently returned from a vacation which involved visiting several countries in MesoAmerica. Coming from one of the richest countries in the world, it was easy to see why so many people want to emigrate to the US. Most homes that we passed on our way to visit places would barely be considered 'houses' in America. Some were without roofs or had no doors or windows. Most were put together with rotten old boards, thatch, whatever materials could be found. The area surrounding the houses was generally full of trash, debris, and a few chickens pecking at the ground.  There were dogs, so many of them. Unneutered, flea ridden, mangy, starving dogs. I felt so guilty, just for being there, riding past in a sleek, air conditioned bus, staring out at poverty.

The people there had nothing. They had even less than what we would consider as nothing. It really put things into perspective with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

I am thankful for my health, happiness, and all the privileges given to me just by virtue of being an American. I am thankful for my freedom, my ability to work, and my wonderful job helping animals and their people.

I am thankful for my wonderful, supportive husband who gives me everything I ever need all while putting up with the crazy. I am thankful for our three four legged children, who bring joy to me every day. I am thankful for my family and my friends, who love me for who I am.

I am thankful I have many places to call home, delicious food to eat, and so many wonderful things that I take for granted virtually every day of the year.

Thank you, Thanksgiving Day, for reminding us of what we have that is so precious.

Roatan Island, Honduras 


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