40 year old Aspirin

I have a bit of an obsession with nutrition these days. It's actually more of a mission I guess, I don't know, I can never seem to think of the right word. I'm working on a long post about pet food. Anyway yesterday I had 2 separate discussions with clients about dog foods. One of them is kind of crazy. She calls about 30 times a week and drives the reception staff nuts. She is very sweet and has very good intentions but she has no idea how to raise a dog, and if that weren't bad enough, the dog ended up being kind of a lemon and he is in every week it seems. She was in with her dog for some simple recheck that took about 30 minutes and then we started talking about food and after about a 10 minute discussion on that, she told me I should write a blog.

I thought, Well I do and it's about crazy people like you!!!

On Thursday one of my clients came in. He is an older gentlemen with a very old dog. He was complaining that the dog was sneezing. He had given it a tablet of a medication that probably was about 40 years old. The bottle was small and yellow with a brown cap and the label was faded yellow and cracking. It was a combination anti-histamine, aspirin, and decongestant. I picked it up and asked how long he had had it. He said he's been saving it for awhile because they don't make it anymore.

He likes to tell me things that he thinks I don't know. Especially about his breed. Yeah, he's one of those people that think their breed is very special and different from other dogs. He started out today by saying, "Now, that's a sulfa drug which I know because the pills are a yellow color like sulfur, with an anti-histamine, and I know that because they told me to take it for allergies."

"Well," I say, "it's not a sulfa drug. It has aspirin in it, and you probably shouldn't be giving it to your dog."

As I set the bottle down I had to wonder if the pills even had any viable drug left in them, literally it was THAT old.

I couldn't find any reason for the dog to be sneezing, and dropped some steroid down into his nose hoping that any inflammation would subside. I couldn't wait to get rid of him and I can't even wait to finish writing about it.

The same day I saw several of my other clients who are, let's just say not my favorites. People that have no business owning animals and with whom I am quickly losing patience. People that would probably feel like their money was better spent at a séance than at a vet.

Sometimes I really wish I could just say what I am thinking out loud.

All names and identifying details have been changed, and any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental. 


  1. My dog (a little rat terrier-mix) sneezes when he gets excited. We think it's kind of cute.

    Love the stories on your blog!


  2. I'm obsessed w/nutrition these days - mostly my OWN, but it seems to be bleeding over into my professional life too, all puns intended...
    I've been toying w/what I call my "neo-paleo" lifestyle for a while, but as I discuss things w/clients, I'm growing more & more convinced that omega-6 oils & grains are bad for pets, too.
    I cannot report any dramatic results, such as tremendous weight loss as I am far from perfect - the occasional donut or tortilla still finds its way into my hands, chocolate & sugar are far too tempting (esp w/stress & strain of recent mos)


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