NY Times Article on New Grad Debt and Vet Economics

Just wanted to share this article which appeared in the NY times in case anyone hadn't seen it.  I am so so glad to see the state of veterinary medicine appear in the popular press, and truly hope that more people start to understand what we are facing as a profession.

“It’s not a sustainable model,” he says of vet school economics. “For the long-term success and health of the veterinary practice, we’ve got to look at every end of it.”


Of course, now I read some of the comments and people are missing the point entirely. Sigh.


  1. That's why it's growing increasingly hard for me to speak candidly to these starry-eyed "young-un's" - the old-timers were clamoring 20+ yrs ago for class sizes to be reduced! Now I'M one of those old-timers...
    12 yrs ago when I needed to hire an associate (& salaries/job market were still in reasonable shape), new grads were demanding starting salaries in the $50 - 60K range... I certainly couldn't justify paying a NEW GRAD more than I was taking home myself, so I hired a contemporary on a part-time, relief-vet basis & have "made do" ever since.

  2. Yes, I know. We have had several middle school age kids come through observing for their science projects, and it is really hard to talk about the profession in a way that doesn't absolutely crush their dreams but doesn't make this sound like a "dream job" either.

  3. I crush their dreams. Not only will their lives be better, but 15 years in the future, about the time they'll be graduating from veterinary school, I'll still be working. Our region is oversaturated with veterinarians already; I'm barely making it right now.


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