The last day of the year

With only a few hours left to go in 2013, I am reflecting on what a truly wonderful year this has been for me. My husband and I have our health, happiness and a baby on the way. We were able to purchase our second house, and I finally realized a dream I have had since I could speak: I own my very own horse. (Of course, I am ironically not riding him since I am pregnant, but this too shall pass).

Every year does get better and better, and also passes by more quickly. Everything our elders told us about time passing is true, and I try to remember the small joys and moments that will later make all the difference. I am excited for the next year and what it will bring. I have no 'resolutions;' only that I might live my life and really be present for it.

Many of my closest friends and family have lost those closest to them this year, and for you, and for your loved ones, may I offer this candle. The light of their lives will burn for you forever.

To Everyone: A blessed and happy, healthy 2014 and beyond.


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