It just keeps getting better....

Mr. Seeker: Well sometimes I take the dog's pain medication. You know, if mine runs out. So I like to keep a stash on hand, just in case. 
.. Haha, buh-bye. 


Ms. Psycho: You charge how much for euthanasia?! That's ridiculous! I could just throw the dog off the balcony! 
.. Umm, ok. Our way is pain free and legal, but you know, details. 


(We are having cake for a staff member's birthday. A client sees it as he walks past the employee-only area to the bathroom.

Mr. Sweet Tooth: Oh, is that cake?
Nurse: Oh yeah, it's Fred's birthday today so we're having cake.
Mr. Sweet Tooth: Oh. 
[awkward pause as Mr. ST stares at the cake.]
Nurse: Do you want a piece?
Mr. ST: Oh yeah, I'd love one. 

We give him a piece of cake. As if that wasn't weird enough, he then pops his head back into the room and asks for another piece!!! WTF?!? Get your own freaking cake! 


We get an rx request for medication for an animal we have never seen. The astute receptionist calls the client to ask if there has been some mistake.

Ms. IQ:  Oh no, you've seen him. It's for Fluffy.
R: But on this request, you put a different name, different weight, and even different species. If its for Fluffy why didn't you just put the correct information?
Ms IQ: Because I want to buy a bigger dosage and just split it because that's cheaper.
R: (checks with me) Um, that's not how dosing works for this medication. And we can't dispense meds for an imaginary animal.
Ms IQ: Look, I'm very smart and I split my mom's heart medication and it worked just fine.
R: Um, okay.... but this -
Ms. IQ: If you're not gonna give it to me I will just have to get it illegally!
R: Okay, you do that....

For further info on this topic, see Drug Doses are Just Guidelines Anyway.


Wow, people. What WILL you say next week. We are waiting with baited breath.


  1. LOL...One day I'll send you my list of quotes from my "people" doc office! :-)


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