Throwback, err, Friday - Vet School Blogs

I have only written 4 posts this year and we are six months in! Sorry ... but I have an excuse at least. I created a human being. From scratch.

I was looking through some old emails and came across a few monster emails I wrote during vet school. Here is one from my very early days as a freshman ... I can't believe how ecstatic I was.


_SU won the game today

Well, it was against northwestern, so i don't really count that a huge victory, but whatever. game day here is just like it was at ____ state. btw, i dont feel like using punctuation right now or capitalizing everything, because i was just typing up an outline of our dissection of the dog, which i am planning on giving to my group, so i carefully capitalized everything that need to be etc. 

***warning for people who arent in the veterinary field...there are some gross details in this email.********

classes started wednesday and are going well. i am so tired though. wednesday and thursday we had orientation to everything, but we still started the material. since they are on a quarter system everything is condensed into 10 weeks, so we had to get started right away. the first day of anatomy we got our cadavers and started dissecting. our dog is a really really fat blue heeler and it has been a bitch to clean all the fat away from her muscles. we named her hyena fatty, because she kind of looks like a hyena. its been fun though. my group is a little uptight, and they are all worried about grades and cutting in the wrong place and i am ust like, cut that sucker. monday i am going to just take over because at the rate they are going, we will never get her arm off. that is the first thing we are doing, learning the thoracic limb, and we have to know all the muscles and their actions and innervations, and the bones and some of the structures on the bones. we have been spending alot of time digging around in her fattiness. she is gross. we separated the latissimus dorsi from the obliques and a pocket of liquid fat cam oozing out of her. it was gross, but we were all cracking up. monday we have to deglove the rest of her arm and then take the whole thing off of her body. wednesday we start learning nerves. 

i also have radiology, which is only on wednesdays and i think its going to be a peice of cake. the first day he showed a film of a bloat, and i was like seen it. i have epidemiology every morning, and then cell biology at the end of the day and tuesdays and thursdays i have histology. histology we havent really started yet bc we only had one day of it so far and it was spent learning how to use a microscope. thursday on my time in btw orientations i went and gave blood, yay!! then friday we dissected again, and thats when i decided that it was time to take charge of the whole thing.  and we had two hours of cell bio, i think that is going to be my worst class. for some reason i just have trouble remembering that stuff. 

right now all the clubs are trying to get first years to join, so we keep getting free lunch which is great. i feel like i am in grade school again. we have lockers in the basement where we can keep our scrubs for anatomy. i carry colored pencils around with me all the time, pack my lunch in a dorky lunch box, bring clothes to school, work in groups, and sit in the same seat every day. people are really possesive of their seats. its pretty funny actually. i just bought a backpack because my trapezius muscle was getting very sore from carrying 30 pounds of stuff a mile there and back every day. i should haev mentioned that our class notes are excessive and consist of about 900 pages all together. i dont have to bring them all every day, but still. thats a lot of paper. i also bring my dissection guide every day. and notecards.

i am really tired and its only the first week. im sure i am going to be a zombie pretty soon. then i will write emails that are all the same sentence---whydididothistomyself. 

talk to you soon...sendme funny emails so i don't lose my mind!!!! if i go crazy, its all your faults. 

ps. to the doctors on this list...what is a really good brand of stethoscope? 



I just want to point out there were people who were the same way in necropsy rotation. Fourth year.  I mean grow a pair.*

*I must amend that last statement. Grow a VAGINA. Much stronger than balls.  


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