I've been neglecting this blog, and not because I'm super busy (although I am), and not because I now have a kid (although I do), but because I haven't been feeling the creative drive to write. I've had a few false starts, and everything just seemed too trite to write about, or a rehash. Tonight I'm sitting on my couch in a rare moment of relaxing before bed, trying to think of ways to get some yoga into my already crammed schedule, and feeling only slightly guilty about the housework that didn't get finished today.

I've been back to working full time for the past five months, and have been seeing all manner of crazies. I've seen a lot of great clients as well, some who ask me about my kid every time I see them or ask me how the commute is going. People really do care. Some of them. 

I hate to admit it, but my generation is the worst with entitlement. I saw a little puppy today owned by a girl about my age, maybe a few years younger. The puppy had a few issues that are common to puppies, but still need treatment. The puppy was on one of our "puppy plans," which is a comprehensive plan for all the normal first year things, exams, vaccines, dewormings, pedicures, flea and heartworm treatment, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, fecals, etc. It is a discounted wellness plan designed to get people in the habit of bringing their puppies to the vet, and doesn't include sick diagnostics or treatment.

When the owner saw the estimate, she told us she didn't have any money. She then proceeded to tell us how she already gave us $300 for the puppy plan last week, and even more is due the following week. And, the last time she was here, um, her boyfriend had to pay for the dog, and she can't ask him again so soon. Oh, and she doesn't have a job, but she has an interview Tuesday and if she gets the job, then of course she can pay. But until then, well. We are being completely unreasonable by expecting her to pay for the care HER dog requires. She deserves to have a dog, but we don't deserve to be paid for keeping it healthy. 

I smiled. She declined everything.

What I wanted to say was this: YOU chose to get a puppy (while not having a job). YOU chose to buy the puppy plan, of which you were clearly aware required payments. It is YOUR responsibility to pay for this dog, not mine. Figure it out, or don't have a dog. 

But we can't say that to people. I want to say it, multiple times a day, sometimes. But I don't. So I say it here, into the nothingness and everythingness of the internet. 

The saddest thing (besides the dog not getting the treatment it needed), is that is the interaction that stood out the most today, among all of the nicer clients and appointments I had. No wonder burn-out is so common. 


  1. do I know you?? You sound just like my friend who happens to be a Vet. She refuses to hire me, because I'm pretty sure she knows I would have a horrible time holding my trap shut around these Entitlement Seekers. (and just to clarify.....I agree that might not be the best place for me so I'm staying at the day job for a bit).

  2. No, but I'm pretty sure most vets sound like this, at least in our own minds.


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