A Bit Early for Halloween?

Look! Two posts in one month! What is happening around here?

A lot of my job involves sitting or crouching on the floor to get a look at my patients, especially the larger dogs. It's pretty hard getting them up on the table (no hydraulics) and anyway its kind of fun to crawl around on the floor professionally. What other professional position gets to do that?

So I'm sitting on the floor next to a dog the other day, talking to his owner. The dog was sitting next to his owner who was sitting on a chair with one leg crossed over the other. So her feet (which were in her shoes) were basically just below my eye level, and happened to be where my eyes fell naturally as we were talking.

As I was talking about the dog's diagnosis, I happened to notice that her shoes had cobwebs on them. Ok, no biggie, maybe she rushed out in a hurry and doesn't usually wear these. Maybe they were stashed in the garage next to some broken tennis rackets and a deflated basketball. But upon closer inspection, I saw that the cobwebs actually extended from her shoe to the leg of her pant... and that there was a tiny spider sitting in the middle.

I kind of leaned in a little closer to confirm what I was seeing, and noticed webs on the other shoe connected to the back of her foot.

For the life of me I cannot explain how you put on a shoe and have a spider weave a web between your shoe and pant leg unless the shoes had been on your feet for quite some time, and you sat very still and patiently waited for a spider to come along and weave a web. I mean, WTF?


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