Does Comfortis kill bed bugs? And other thoughtful questions

Bedbug ... ewwwwwwww
Client to Receptionist: "Does Comfortis kill bed bugs?"
Receptionist to me: "Does Comfortis kill bed bugs?"
Me: "OMG WTF who cares!!! Just ditch the mattress, call an exterminator and get rid of them for good, freaks!!!"

I thought about this for awhile, and although it may be a silly question (not because comfortis may or may not kill bed bugs, because that is actually a very thoughtful question, but because if you have bed bugs just hire a professional right off the bat, I mean gross....but I digress) it is actually a very significant question. 

This person actually chose to call their vet, who is presumably well versed on all things dog and pesky parasite, so it makes sense right? Now of course I don't know who or where they looked first, still though, they did call us. But I think that is the rarity... I have actually had clients tell me, "Well, I searched online, talked to the guy at the pet store, called the groomer, and asked the neighbor's pet parrot what to do before calling you."


What is it that makes people believe the high school kid at the pet store over their vet? I honestly want to know.  If anyone reading this is not involved in the veterinary world and has any insight at all - please share.

Is it just because they believe whatever they heard first? And anything after feels false? Is it that they really don't trust their vet (still begs the question why they trust the pet store more)? Is it that they don't understand how much education their vet has had? (I have had people ask me, "What is that, like a 2 year degree or something?" Uh no, asshole.      Sorry.)

For some reason this is really bugging me. Ha, bugs.

Incidentally, we do not know if Comfortis does in fact kill bed bugs. Bed bugs prefer humans as their blood source, much as fleas prefer animals as theirs, which means no one is going to undertake a huge study to find out, so I doubt we shall ever know. 


  1. I've worked 22 years in law enforcement. I have NO idea why (or how) people come to the conclusion of who they ask questions of.

    I think the veterinary community has been maligned since the internet has become so readily available and patients seem to think everything written there is gospel.

  2. Just today I had a client who was asking me lots of questions about things she read on the internet. Her conclusion at the end was 'so I guess I shouldn't believe everything I read on the internet.' my answer was 'Yes.' then we had a laugh.

  3. Okay, Dr M- I have the answer! People ask the kid at the pet store because they can get the answer free of charge AND they assume that they can buy OTC cheaper. I worked part time as a dog trainer in a chain pet store, & when not training would stand in the flea control aisle. I would talk people out of buying the bad stuff. At that time, frontline was still prescription. It amazes me that some people will pay $1000.00 for a dog, then risk killing it with OTC chemicals. I wasn't fired for my, "activities" because the manager never noticed, but I know I saved some dogs and cats lives.

  4. Betty, you may have hit the nail on the head! The almighty dollar is still the bottom line, isn't it.

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  6. Thanks, its not really about how to kill bed bugs though.....

  7. Why do people not trust their Vet's? Because people are discovering that companies like Science Diet pay for that Vet's schooling and basically bribe them to push their awful corn/wheat filled pet killing animal bi-product crap. Thankfully not every vet out there is like this, and I'm not saying you are, but most Vets are.

    - Owner of a holistic natural pet store.

  8. Ok, Anonymous, let's just get one thing straight right now. No company pays vet school tuition. I paid (and am still paying) for that education, which cost me $211,194, to be exact. I will pay every single cent of that cost. Me.

    Secondly, I don't really care what a company says about their food. I evaluate pet foods on several factors, and the presence of by-products doesn't factor in at all. Byproducts are not evil! They include things like liver and kidneys which contain nutrients. They do not include hooves, feathers, hair and the sort of thing some companies would like you to believe.

    For you to sit there are say "most vets" are swayed by bribes is ridiculous. How many vets do you know? Not many, I would guess.

    If people would rather take advice on their animal's health from a kid at a petco, their best friend, or the owner of a holistic natural pet store, that's their prerogative. But when it comes time to fix their problem, which likely could have been avoided altogether, then they finally go to their vet and expect a miracle cure. For cheap, too.

  9. Oh man, Anonymous. You've got an interesting theory there. Though, interesting does not equal correct.

    I know that I don't call the vet first because of "convenience". Or in that I feel like I have to go through 12 people before I finally get to the vet unless I make an appointment, and I don't have time to make an appointment for everything. I know I can leave a message, but then I feel like a bother plus I have to wait - sometimes days - because let's face it - the people who did make appointments have way bigger concerns than my questions like "why is my rabbit sneezing!?" and should be taken care of first. I am going to make sure there isn't a simple answer I should know before I bother you. We are a society of instant. I want an instant answer. In fact, I ask you more questions than my actual vet because I can reach you as a friend (I try not to inundate you, I swear!).

    Uh, so that was a ramble, but I hope it made some sort of sense. Ultimately, simply, I don't want to bother you unless it is necessary.

  10. I had a case in point yesterday. A woman brought in a dog that had been having months of itching and skin problems. She "tried everything" (had never been to a vet for the problem until now). Because she waited months and months to come in, and the problems and infections kept getting worse and worse, she left with a bill for over $800. I didn't even have to say it: at the end of the appointment she said "I probably could have saved a lot of money had I come in sooner." Yeah.

    If you have a question (and I'm not available), just call the vet and ask. The receptionists can answer a lot of questions, and if they can't they will get a tech or doctor to answer. Its not a bother when its about the health of your pet and you have a genuine concern. That's what we are there for. If it sounds like something that should be seen, they will tell you.

  11. Best vet care possible! Comfortis for flea and tick is the first chewable, beef-flavoured tablet that kills fleas and prevents flea infestations on dogs for a full month.


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